Seth Ammons

mountain dwelling software developer


Ready, Set, Golang!

A software engineer with a focus on writing scalable, maintainable, real-time systems. Engineer number thirteen or so at SendGrid. For the last several years, I've worked high scale systems using Perl and Python, and, more recently, Go. I really enjoy working in Go. It's how I think.


Rewind several years, and the thought that I would be a “gym-guy” was laughable. I've always been active (hiking, backpacking, cycling), but the confines of a gym were not for me. Work started paying for the gym, I found myself at RWS Crossfit, and it has changed my life. The week is not complete without some barbell work. I have a way to go to hit my fitness and strength targets, but I'm on my way. 225# bench, 305# back squat, 365# deadlift, and I am right on the verge of a strict, dead-hang ring muscle up.

Math Education

One thing that I have been passionate about for a long time is mathematics literacy and education. We beat out creativity and curiosity from our students and society fosters a disdain for math. While you are hard pressed to find someone who would admit they can't read, there are so many who hold math illiteracy nearly as a badge of honor. “I can't math, ZOMG, LOL.” A whole world of wonder and insight is a few mental blocks away. A Mathematician's Lament by Paul Lockhart mirrors what I've come to hold true myself.