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mountain dwelling software developer

  • Bitwarden with Caddy 2 on Digital Ocean

    The Preamble Ramble I finally had to bite the bullet and go away from the antiquated way I was leveraging password management. I was maintaining a keepass database synced via Dropbox. This let me keep my phone, my work laptop, my desktop, and my wife's computer all in sync. However, when my wife re-installed her OS last week, Dropbox informed me that my license is only good for three computers. Well, time to finally make the move to Bitwarden.

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  • Pester: Go (Golang) HTTP retries, backoff, and concurrency

    Resiliency in HTTP requests Having worked for a few years on high scale and high availability systems, I've learned there are a few tricks that you can employ to make sure your requests make it back from over the network. There are two basic approaches in this arena: fail and recover fast (ala Hystrix) and the bit older method of handling retires, backoff, and making concurrent requests. Hystrix seems pretty dang awesome, but may be a little heavy handed.

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  • Finally, now we can get started

    Posting new content under Docker Time is so hard to find. Getting pulled three ways from Sunday at work has left me outside of a solid work-life balance. As such, it I have not had the opportunity to get back to playing with this setup. Well, the time has come. I finally got everything figured out between Digital Ocean, Hugo, and Docker. The Set Up Check out this repo for the complete digs; there you will find everything.

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  • Hugo Syntax Highlighting

    So, a few minutes ago, I was all excited on how easy Hugo was to get started. While I really like what I am seeing in a lot of ways, what I do not like is the documentation for syntax highlighting. From the configuration page: # color-codes for highlighting derived from this style pygmentsStyle: "monokai" # true: use pygments-css or false: color-codes directly pygmentsUseClasses: false Using this, coupled with the syntax highlighting page, I cannot get sytanx highlighting to work the way you would think it should.

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  • Moving to Hugo

    Now on Hugo I've been looking lately to move off my shared hosting (I know, right?) and I have been seeking an excuse to move all my stuff over to Digital Ocean. I've finally gotten off the pot, and decided that I would expore Docker using Digital Ocean as the backing hardware. Previously, I had a homegrown site. As I don't spend my freetime making hot designs anymore, that site quickly fell out of anything resembling something polished.

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  • Switch to Mac from Ubuntu

    At work, we are trying to push towards a homogenous grouping of developer environments (beyond the common VMs) and all developers are encouraged to go the Mac route on the dev’s next upgrade. My System76’s screen cracked (Nooooooooo!) and I started working on the slick XPS13 Developer Ed. The poor little machine could not keep up with a simple VM. So, Mac it was. My first impressions are that (in no particular order):

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  • Settings Backup, Part 2

    Settings Backup, Part 2 Somehow my laptop screen got a crack in it. Totally suxorz. I have… er… had a System76 Serval Professional. Awesome machine. While that rig is being sent out for repairs, I’ve installed Ubuntu on a spare laptop and pulled in my Github repo with my settings backup. Presto, chango — my terminal in all its bashy goodness is back to the exact way I like it. Couple that with a Dropbox full of standard background images set up with Wallch and it is like I never changed computers.

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  • Bloody Perl

    Working through some Perl code today (shudder). I came across the slash slash equals operator, two forwards slashes and an equals sign //=. No, it is not a comment. It is very similar to pipe pipe equals ||=, but is restricted to undef values. Google needs to work on a way to better search for programming operators.

  • Settings Backup

    Settings Backup and Restoration with GitHub A new Ubuntu version is coming out and the last thing I want to do is manually copy over my myriad of different config and settings files. I have my PS1 function set the way I like it, my Terminator terminal all set up with my keybindings and colors, some handy aliases, and some other rc_goodies. Thanks to the awesome power of GitHub, I fret of this aspect of upgrading no longer.

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